Government starts civic education to curb voter apathy

The national government has embarked on civic education in all counties to address widespread voter apathy in the country.

Speaking on Tuesday in Laisamis Town, Marsabit County, social development services coordinator Esther Chiwe said the drive also seeks to sensitise citizens on the various programmes being undertaken by the government to cushion vulnerable groups against poverty.

“Every citizen who has an identification card should register as a voter so that they are able to exercise their democratic right during the general election,” said Ms Chiwe

Ms Chiwe reminded those in attendance that they have the power to elect into office leaders of their choice through the ballot.

“The vote will give you the muscle to put into office leaders of your choice come the general election in August this year, so make sure you participate in this important exercise by registering as a voter,” she advised.


During the civic education, Laisamis Senior Chief Antonino Kaldalle decried high cases of double voter registration and asked those who have listed twice to rectify the anomalies before the on-going national registration ends next week.

“Registering twice puts you into a risk of being disenfranchised. Do not register in more than one polling station as this will make your vote invalid because you can’t be allowed to vote,” said Mr Kaldalle.

Moyale Senior Chief Adan Galgalo also warned residents against transferring their votes due political influence.

“Some politicians are paying locals to transfer votes. This may lead to double registration and disqualify the voters,” said Mr Galgalo.

However, Saku Sub-County IEBC coordinator Dulacha Boru Boru said there have been few transfers and those which have been done are legitimate.

Mr Boru noted that mobile registration has not been successful though the centres have been taken closer to the people.

“We have tried following pastoralists in the fields and water points but we did not achieve much because they leave their identity cards at home,” said Mr Boru.

The civic education forums will also be held in Saku and Moyale constituencies by Friday to ensure that residents have the relevant information regarding voter registration before the national voter listing which.


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