Being a Subaru driver affords you a special bond with your other Sub drivers

This is to those professional women who have worked their way up and are proud Subaru drivers. It is unfortunate that prior to you acquiring your Sub, you may have missed the memo.

Congratulations, as you will soon discover the Sub is no ordinary machine. When you drive one, you develop a relationship with it and Subs will rarely cheat on you, unless you have neglected to take them out on a date to the mechanic for too long.

By the way forget the Subaru haters, after all we are a society of haters. When you are up everyone wants to pull you down.

So fear not, for you have made the decision to get a Subaru. That is the most important and significant decision you have made in your motoring life.

But there are a few home truths that you need to know. Firstly, there are a number of Subaru enthusiasts groups that you can join on and offline. They are not chamas and trust me as long as you have a Sub, the men will not flirt with you simply because you are a woman. They will respect you.

Such forums are good as they serve to initiate you into the Subarudom. Here you will learn a lot of things, best deals in spares and maintenance. Being a Subaru driver affords you a special bond with your other Sub drivers.

If you are on a Sub and you catch another Sub male driver stealing glances with the corner of his eyes, don’t just sneer stupidly. He could be admiring your car.

In addition, there are some norms with Sub drivers. As a woman you have benefitted from them but you may actually not be aware of the existences of such norms.

Norm One: Always give a Sub driver way if she/he wants to join the road. Unless you are cruising down the road in speeds that would interest the boys in Blue and green, always consider to give way to that Sub waiting to join the highway.

I know a number of women have been getting these privileges, but since they assume they are being given preference by men as an affirmative action, they have not recognised that they are actually eating into the Subaru culture.

Norm Two: Regardless of whether you are surgeon or a fire-fighter rushing to save the world, you cannot annoyingly hoot at another Sub driver. This is a no-no go zone. As Sub drivers, we already have enough haters externally, why would you want to antagonize one another?

Gradually progress

Norm Three: If a Sub driver looks your way, acknowledge the brotherhood with a slight nod. To be fair, here you are not obliged to indulge the other Sub driver on mindless tails of ogres.

You could be absorbed in your own world and, therefore, have no spare, time or energy for extended entreaties about your car or his car. But a nod, yes.

Norm Four: You do not put an ‘L’ sign on the big brothers in the Sub family. If you are starting out, the Impreza is the best place to start, and then you can gradually progress up the ladder. Putting that ugly red sign on a Forester, or the big Outbacks or Leggy is absolutely unjustifiable.

Norm Five: Always respect the other Sub driver, irrespective of the age of the car or model he or she is driving. Any Subbie is a good Subbie as it allows the driver to claim his place in the table of Subbie enthusiasts.

So if you are a female Sub driver, and you joined the club recently and you see that you have not been acting in line with the community of practice for Sub drivers, now you know.

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