Tory Lanez is expected in Nairobi, Kenya, where his preacher father lives, having started a new life after remarrying

Have you watched that clip that has Nardwuar literally uncover Tory Lanez’s past? What an interview!

In it, Nardwuar talks to the Toronto singer and rapper about his connection to the Wailers, the book his dad wrote as well as his Kenyan connection. Yes, his dad lives right here in Nairobi, Kenya.

“And your dad wrote a book on destiny of a black race,” Nardwuar shoots straight.

“Yo, this is blowing…this is crazy like. That’s a book my dad wrote like in the 90s, and it was an incredible book. It still is incredible and I remember I read it when I grew a little older…,” Tory Lanez responds with a witty smile.

“And he lives in Kenya?” Nardwuar presses on.

“Yeah, he just moved to Kenya (laughs). This is amazing. Yeah…remarried, uum…and he has two children so I have like a small little brother and a small little sister.

Well, those who attended the Pawa254 Africa Rising meeting in Nairobi last August had a chance to get a one-on-one with Tory Lanez’s father Sonstar Peterson.

Even if he is a Barbadian, Sonstar moved to Nairobi some years back as an ordained minister and missionary.

Coming to Nairobi, Kenya

And it is this connection that has the Drive You Crazy singer coming to Nairobi next month, according to rumours.

Even though the visit still remains a top guarded secret, sources close to Tory Lanez tell Pulse that the fast-rising singer and rapper will be here to visit his father, much as fans would expect him to throw a small gig.

“It is true that there are plans to have Tory Lanez come over to Nairobi next month (April) but not much can be divulged to the public now. The family or himself might break the news in coming days but as for now, that is all I can say,” the source, a major player in the creative industry in Kenya, told Pulse.

In the Nardwuar interview, Tory Lanez says he will be the biggest artistein the world and that is why people should care about him.

The biggest star in the making

“My goals are set differently…You know I wanna be the biggest artiste in the world and I think what’s dope about me is as you do care, you just have to look and be part of the journey. You know…my journey is the biggest and I can’t settle for mediocrity…

“…You know that is why you should care coz (because) you can see it, you can see me make history, if you want to,” he affirms.

Tory recently posted a pic on Instagram of him and Meek Mills standing next to a Rolls Royce and airplane, while the two look to be rapping mid-shoot. Unfortunately, nothing was confirmed as Tory’s caption read: “I wouldn’t stand on it, if it wasn’t mine. @meekmill.”

Beef with Drake?

And that is not all, this guy has been on a roll and on every Pulser’s lips that with everyone believing he is the next great rapper.

He made some noise on New Year’s Day by dropping a pair of new mixtapes, Chixtape 4 and The New Toronto 2. On the latter, Lanez seems to have taken a shot at fellow Toronto native Drake on a track, which adds fuel to the pair’s past war of words.

On “Drive You Crazy” from The New Toronto 2, Lanez spits some aggressive bars over the driving track, but a few lines in particular stand out. Lanez borrows Drake’s “’Bout to make Forbes list/Everything’s gorgeous” line from “5AM In Toronto” and then raps, “And I pray I never dress like y’all/ Only bird on my shirt is when I press that raw.”

The two took subtle digs at each other throughout the whole of last year, though Lanez has repeatedly said it’s just healthy competition and that the supposed beef between the pair is overblown.

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