Goons harass former Gatundu MP, force reporter to delete images

A Nation journalist was Tuesday forced to delete images she had taken of a gang of about 30 irate youths who were harassing a former Gatundu South MP and forcing him out of his car as he was about to present a petition to Deputy County Commissioner Stephen Kihara.

The incident happened outside Mr Kihara’s office.

After knocking Moses Mwihia out of his car and removing some of his clothes while chanting slogans in support of incumbent MP Moses Kuria, the goons rushed towards the female journalist , Mary Wambui, while arguing amongst themselves on whether to “finish her” for taking photos of the incident or force her to delete the images and set her free.

The incident happened as journalists were waiting to cover Mr Mwihia as he presented a petition to Mr Kihara over alleged misappropriation of the constituency’s CDF money.


The young men surrounded the journalist, who was seated with her colleagues, and ordered her to delete the images she had taken using her phone.

“I obliged when I sensed they were up to no good, one even warned me in Swahili, saying, ‘Chunga usikufe bure’, before uttering other unprintable obscenities,” she narrated.

The journalist recorded a statement at the Gatundu Police Station under OB number 18/11/4/17.

Last week, the same journalist was warned over pursuing a story about the alleged forgery of a KCSE certificate by Gatundu South’s CDF manager Robert Kibe in his pursuit for a Diploma in County Governance at a local university.

The matter is being investigated by detectives.



The writer of this story was the victim of the incident described here.

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