Gloves off as Governor Julius Malombe, rivals cleared

Governor Julius Malombe

Stakes for the Kitui governorship have been raised after the three main rivals were cleared by the electoral commission last week.

Speaking separately, Governor Julius Malombe (Wiper), Senator David Musila (independent) and Narc party leader Charity Ngilu said they would run campaigns never witnessed before.

“We will not be beaten in this election. I can assure you. I will leave nothing to chance in ensuring I secure re-election,” Malombe said after he was cleared.

Dr Malombe told off Mr Musila and Mrs Ngilu for opposing his re-election bid, accusing the two rivals of selfishness.

Avoid provocation

Musila warned his competitors and the Wiper party leadership and their agents to let him run his campaigns without undue provocation or interference.


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Without expounding, Musila asked Malombe and Ngilu to tread carefully and avoid collision with him and his campaign team.

The senator said he would not be a push-over and vowed to return fire for fire.

“I want to tell my opponents from all corners that I will be peaceful in my campaigns but not a push-over. Look around me now and you will notice I will not be a push-over at all,” Musila declared.

Flanked by a contingent of men dressed in black suits and goggles, the senator further warned the county government employees to keep off campaigns, saying it was illegal for county executives and other State officers to engage in politics.

Musila said his clearance to run for the governor’s seat was a milestone and great opportunity to serve the people of Kitui with honesty and dedication.

He said his agenda and commitment to Kitui people, if elected, was to wipe out runaway corruption in Malombe’s administration, bring water close to residents, provide health facilities with drugs and enough workforce, enforce affirmative action for the youth, women, people living with disabilities and marginalised communities.

“I will further, in my elaborate agenda, provide equal job opportunities and trade, and ensure equitable distribution of county resources,” the senator said.


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Ngilu said she was optimistic that Kitui residents would elect her to move the county to the next level in terms of development.

She said her running mate, Dr Wanze Nzau, would assist in wealth creation by establishing a plant for slaughtering, processing and packaging of livestock products.

Ngilu said she would actualise her five-point manifesto to address illiteracy, poverty, healthcare, food and water.


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