Gladys Wanga defends her decision to push for MPs salary increment

Gladys Wanga has defended her decision to push for MPS pay rise

She says money saved in salary cut may be spend in a manner that will not benefit Kenyans.

Blames SRC for unfairly targeting lawmakers in the par cut

Homa Bay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga now says the salaries and remuneration commission (SRC) unfairly targeted lawmakers in salary reduction, adding that MPs use their money to serve Kenyans in various constituencies.

The Homa Bay woman representative has defended her push for MPs’ pay rise even after President Uhuru Kenyatta said it was unacceptable.


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Speaking in Homa Bay town on Friday when she distributed 50 bags of cement and 50 pieces of iron sheet to traders who lost their property in a fire incident, Wanga said the pay cut was unnecessary.

She argued that the money saved through the salary pay cut will not add any value to lives of Kenyans.

“I recently gave my opinion about the salary cut but people are giving me a lot of pressure. I did not make the comment in bad taste,” Wanga said.

She argued that any money saved using the salary cut is not likely to be spent in a manner that can benefit Kenyans.

According to the legislator, evading the salary cut will enable them offer more financial aid to their electorate who are financially challenged.

“A lot of money which remains at the national level elicits many scandals in the National Government. Giving us the desirable salaries will enable our electorate also to benefit from it,” she added.

She also renewed calls that the National Supper Alliance legislators should not take oath of office as slated for next week.

Wanga said NASA legislators should only be sworn into office after the verdict of the Supreme Court.


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“None of the NASA MPs should attend the swearing in ceremony because we don’t know the fate of our presidential candidate in the race,” Wanga said.

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