Give us more time, IEBC tells NASA over forms 34A request

IEBC has asked NASA to exercise patience following their request to be supplied with forms 34A for verification of August 8 election results.

CEO Ezra Chiloba, in an August 14 letter, said the commission would immediately provide all the forms 34B as requested.

“We are, however, not able to supply forms 34A at the moment. The same shall be made available to you as soon as possible,” he said.

“Kindly bear with us as we work round the clock to serve you,” he added.

NASA wrote to the commission on Monday requesting for the forms to enable it to assess the validity of presidential results.

The coalition has disputed results declared by IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati on Friday last week.

The chair declared President Uhuru Kenyatta winner with 8,203,290 votes against Raila Odinga’s 6,762,224.

NASA claims the electronic transmission system was hacked and Uhuru’s votes inflated while those of Raila were deducted.

Earlier, NASA claimed IEBC plans to falsify presidential results on forms 34B.

Raila has refused to concede defeat on that basis, albeit without evidence of the said hacking.

Forms 34A are signed by all party agents and the returning officer at the polling stations.

After this, they are sent to the constituency tallying centre where returning officers compiles them to come up with forms 34B.

The 290 forms – one from each constituency – are then electronically submitted to the national tallying centre at the Bomas of Kenya.

The commission, in its poll preparation schedule, said these would be scanned transmitted via the KIEMS system.

The forms 34B are then tallied from which form 34C is created. It is this that the IEBC chair used to declare the winner of the presidential race.

But NASA claims the results keyed into the KIEMS – and which were being shown on national television- do not reflect what was originally recorded on forms 34A.

They now want the polls body to supply forms 34A and 34B for comparison and verification against the final results as announced.

On the other hand, the opposition raised concerns on why the electronic transmission portal still streamed live results.

The phenomenon had seemingly served to confirm Raila’s and his supporters’ assumptions that indeed the system was hacked.

IEBC said: “All 40,883 polling stations presented hard copy F34As for tabulation into F34Bs and for the subsequent announcement of results.”

“However, a few did not transmit the electronic version of the same. 40861 out of 40,883 have now transmitted.”

“There will be no more changes in the portal when they hit and balance off at 40,883,” IEBC said on its official social media page.

The agency said these are not new results but the electronic results derived from the forms which agents already have copies.

“And as stated before, where there is a variance between the electronic and the hard copy, the hard copy takes precedence.”

This was before NASA postponed its major announcement on the steps they intend to take in challenging the poll outcome.

The opposition has ruled out going to court over the matter citing unsatisfactory precedence following the ruling of the 2013 petition.

NASA campaign committee chairman Musalia Mudavadi said they will make the announcement on Wednesday.

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