The Girl-Child Again! Equality and Safety in PSVs

The women and girls at large have yet another reason to smile as far as the protection of their rights is concerned.

This is following the launch by the National Transport and Safety Authority in conjunction with Equality Now (Non-Governmental Organisation) referred to as ‘NGANYA SAFE’ meant to promote equality and create safe space for women and girls who use Public Service Vehicle as a form of transport. The launch also sorted to encourage the victims to report any case related to gender based violence.

According to NTSA, women go through alot of abuse in the hands of PSV operators which include sexual harassment, careless handling e.g forcing them to alight or board a moving vehicle which is risky as well as intentional caressing especially when they board.

This according to of the NTSA official are the vices that they are fighting and they need to stop from arising. “…passengers are supposed to be treated with courtesy thus there is need to educate the public service operators and Kenyans at large on the need to stop gender based violence…” he insisted.

As per the statistics, these cases are experienced in major towns where transportation is one of the major activities that take place.

The launch which was held in the Nairobi’s Business Central District was facilitated by Embassava which provided a platform for the same. The sacco as well vowed to be disciplined and take charge in their vehicles so as to be a role model to other PSV operators thus boost equality and safe space for the weaker gender.

One of the Equality Now activist who addressed to people registered her discontentment on the court ruling of sexual assaulters.

A court decision that sentenced a matatu driver, his conductor and a petrol station attendant 25 years each for sexually assaulting a female passenger, more needs to be done. We want more awareness raised regarding the illegality of such acts as well as serve repercussions available in law to those who breach law” she said. In her speech she also empowered the women and urged them to know that they have been protected by various institutions. ” we would like women and girls across Kenya to be aware that they have the support of the relevant institutions including the National Transport and safety Authority”, she said.

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