Get institute’s land back

Reports that more than 200 acres belonging to Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology, a public institution, have been covertly transferred to individuals points to a pernicious culture of impunity driven by a blatant disregard for the law and the sanctity of public property.

The property said to be worth Sh32 billion is now in the hands of the so-called registered trustees of the institution and who now demand rent from the college founded in 1971 through harambee. More sinister is that a caveat registered in 1974 to protect the land was removed in unclear circumstances, paving the way for the irregular transfer of the property.

This development has raised tensions within the college, prompting a riot by students demanding an official explanation on how the land was transferred and whether anything was being done to have it repossessed.

Although the Ministry of Lands ministry is investigating the matter, it is critical that it does so as fast as possible so that the property is returned to the institution.

The responsible agencies must step in to investigate and rein in the culprits. Few individuals cannot be allowed to grab public property and get away with it. This is absolutely scandalous. The land must be returned to the college.


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