Gambling turns tragic after man allegedly kills competitor

KITALE, KENYA: A game of gambling turned tragic after a man lost his life when he was allegedly killed by a friend after they picked a quarrel.

Police in Kitale are now pursuing a suspect who fled after committing the offence.

The suspect allegedly hit the deceased, Brian Juma 36, with a blunt object on the head during the incident that occurred on Sunday evening near Kitale industries.

They were gambling using playing cards when an argument erupted over who had won the game before the suspect attacked Juma.

After the incident, Juma left the area using his motorcycle but collapsed and died only some 200 metres away from the scene.

Kitale OCPD Jackson Mwenga confirmed the incident and said that police found Juma dead next to Kenya Farmers Association (KFA) building.

He said the deceased could have died from internal bleeding due to the heavy object with which the suspect used to attack him.

“We are still pursuing the suspect involved in the killing but I’m warning public against gambling,” he said.

Mwenga has warned residents against risking their money in gambling in a bid to make more money.

He said that police have launched a crackdown on people who operate gambling machines in the area.

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