Is it too early to celebrate the release of the four Kenyans jailed in South Sudan?

A bit of patience required

Celebrations for the four Kenyans that were jailed in South Sudan have already started but there are still some questions lingering around why the Kenyans were jailed in South Sudan.

The good news of the release of the four Kenyans who were arrested and sentenced in South Sudan hit the Kenyan headlines yesterday and there was a great sigh of relief for the anxious Kenyans including their families.

Despite the fact they are free, no one is sure for sure if they’re really arriving in the country today or not. This is following the failure by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to confirm that for sure the Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Monica Juma had traveled to Juba, in South Sudan to secure their release and facilitate their homecoming.

The four included Anthony Keya Munialo, Anthony Mwadime, Ravi Ghaghda and Bonface Muriuki who were arrested on the 29th May 2015 alongside 12 other South Sudanese then jailed for alleged fraud. They were convicted of stealing Sh 1.4 from the South Sudan President Salva Kiir’s office and then held in custody for 40 days without any interrogations.

According to reports, while in detention the suspects, who were employees of a Juba-based Click Technologies which specialises in graphic design, sales and computer repairs, were never allowed to contact their relatives in kenya.

The news of those Kenyans’ release was received with Jubilation by their families and they expected to be reunited soonest since they have been separated for quite a long time and worst of all in a foreign country and in jail.

According to the families, sentence was harsh and their kins were victims of business wars between countries in rivalry: Kenya and South Sudan. They have been therefore appealing to the government and the United Nations Human Rights Council to intervene. So according to them their plea and prayers have been heard through the news of their kins’ freedom.

According to the sources from the Foreign Affairs, their release was as a result of the bilateral talks between the President Kenyatta and his South Sudan counterpart Salva Kiir, who had talks in state house a day after Uhuru’s inauguration of a second term in office.

However there is quite uncertainty if really the four Kenyans will come back to their country or not following the lack of assurance from the top office of Foreign Affairs.

Even as the country is eagerly waiting for their expected arrival, it is yet to be established whether Anthony Keya, Ravi Ghaghda, Anthony Mwadime and Bonface Muriuki will be tried a fresh after they arrive in the country or will they reunite with their loved ones.


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