Former VP Moody Awori confirms purchasing controversial 134-acre Karen land

Former Vice-President Moody Awori PHOTO:COURTESY

Former Vice-President Moody Awori has confirmed partnering with businessman Horatius Da Gama Rose to buy the disputed 134-acres in Karen, Nairobi.

Mr Awori said he, his wife Rose, and Mr Rose incorporated Muchanga Investment Ltd in 1978 and later bought the land from Barclays Bank Ltd, which was acting as representatives of the original owner.

“I am aware and can remember our company purchased the land from Barclays Ltd in 1983 and the company was duly issued with a registration certificate. No other person was registered in the land transaction apart from our company,” said Mr Awori.

The former VP was testifying in a four-year-old dispute in which Da Gama Rose, now deceased, sued former National Social Security Fund boss, Jos Konzolo’s company, Telesource Com Ltd, Habenga Holdings, Jina Enterprises Ltd, and the Ministry of Lands for conspiring to grab his land.

Awori said he was the one who signed the documents relating to the land’s transfer after the directors approved the purchase.

He added that the directors also approved a request by Rose to use the title deed as security for a loan of Sh10.5 million from Barclays Bank. He said there was no way they could have secure the financial services if the title was not genuine.


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“Our title was genuine and legally registered. That is why the bank approved it and gave Mr Rose the amount he applied for. It would have not been possible to secure the loan if our title was not genuine,” said Awori. The former VP’s testimony confirmed a statement filed by Barclays Bank, which showed that it had only dealt with Muchanga Investment Ltd. [Paul Ogemba]


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