Former Rangwe MP Martin Ogindo launches Green Congress party

Former Rangwe MP Martin Ogindo has launched a new party, the Green Congress Party of Kenya which he says will support the Opposition coalition, the national in the coming August General elections.

Speaking to journalists in Nairobi on Tuesday during the launch, Mr Ogindo said that the party will field candidates in all elective positions except the presidency for which they will support the Nasa candidate.

“I will not be shy to tell you that we are in Nasa. We have joined the opposition so that we can implement our agenda which we feel will be better handled by them,” said Mr Ogindo.

He added that although they have decided in principle to support the opposition’s presidential flag bearer, they are not officially part of Nasa but are working on instruments that will make them part of the opposition coalition.


The party is expected to be give the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party a run for its money in Nyanza region where it expected to reap big from disgruntled aspirants who might feel rigged out during ODM’s nominations.

Mr Ogindo said he will be running for the Homa Bay Town Constituency parliamentary seat in the forthcoming elections.

He will face off with the incumbent MP Peter Kaluma.

“My political ambition is to go and contest the Homa Bay Town Constituency parliamentary seat and I am confident of emerging the winner going by my experience of having been a member of parliament,” he said.

He claimed that he never lost to the incumbent, alleging that flawed nominations in ODM prior to the 2013 general elections denied him the certificate to fly the party’s ticket.

“I have never lost to Peter Kaluma. I beat him during the ODM nominations but he was given the party’s certificate anyway,” Mr Ogindo said.

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