Former Jubilee officials say they were fired in scramble for Sh300m tender

Former Jubilee SG Veronica Maina

NAIROBI: Jubilee secretariat officials fired over party ticket scam are now blaming their exit on a high-stakes scramble for Sh300 million ballots printing tender. Colleagues of the sacked seven who spoke to The Sunday Standard attributed the axing to a clash among two camps slogging it out for the printing job.

A few others attributed it to a botched gerrymandering of a key gubernatorial contest in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s backyard. The party will be printing nomination ballots for 8,012 aspirants – 106 governors, 161 senators, 171 women representatives, 1,006 members of national assembly and 6,568 members of county assemblies.

“I can tell you all this is contrived, including the stories said about it. The fact of the matter is that this team was a victim of selfish agenda of some of our bosses.

People do not want to believe that they will not get a slice of the ballot tender,” a source at Jubilee headquarters told The Sunday Standard.

One camp is said to comprise of three top secretariat officials – a man and two women – while the other is comprised of election board officials keen to stamp their authority as ultimate authority on party primaries. The mistake the sacked team did, their colleagues say, was to bypass the three secretariat officials in handing over aspirants bio-data to the elections board for purposes of preparing the ballots.

All the sacked officials were said to have been close to ex-party Secretary General Veronica Maina who was quietly hounded out on discreet allegations of partisanship in the key gubernatorial contest among others issues.


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The team comprising of four IT specialists had allegedly prepared a full-proof system of entering and verifying aspirant’s details into Jubilee records, something which their friends say did not go down well with those who wanted to cash in on the moment.

When former executive director Raphael Tuju exited the seat and former electoral commissioner Winnie Guchu took over, two more IT experts came on board to take over preparation of the aspirants list.

“We continued with the verification but once we handed over everything, they decided to chase us away,” one of the sacked officials said. 

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