Former CJ Mutunga: I lost 35,000 to Nairobi water company

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga on Friday took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company over disconnecting his supply yet he does not have any outstanding debt.

Dr Mutunga, who posted a series of 12 tweets on his account, explained that the supply that was cut off was a backup borehole line.

This is after he applied to be disconnected from the water supplier after being dissatisfied with their services last year, which was done.

“I paid Nairobi Water Sh20, 000 plus arrears by former owner of the flat to get connected early 2016. For more than a year I never got a drop of water from Nairobi Water. They continued to bill me for minimum charge.


“When I realised I was being cheated I sought disconnection. I had to pay Sh15, 500 for the minimum charges! I lost Sh35, 000. Luckily for me the apartments have a borehole. So I thought I was rid of Nairobi Water. I was wrong!” read part of the tweets.

Dr Mutunga further noted that the company chose to inconvenience 17 0ther tenants as it was only seven out of 24 who had not cleared with the water distributor.

In his tweets he said he spoke to a supervisor at Nairobi Water by the name Nancy who also said she’d get direction from her supervisors and then let their caretaker know. She did not get back.

“It is likely that my two tweets posted this week about Nairobi Water and cartels may have a bearing on the actions of Nairobi water,” posited the former chief justice.

He further expressed concern that he now only has enough water to use for a day and may start looking at water trucks if he is to get water to use.

“We have water to last us one day. Today I will look out for clean water tankers,” he tweeted.

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