Former cabinet minister Nahashon Kanyi passes on

Former Cabinet Minister Nahashon Kanyi Waithaka has died.

Mr Waithaka, a minister for broadcasting during President Daniel Arap Moi’s rule, died at his Karen home.

The 81-year-old Waithaka was one of the longest serving mayors of Nyeri town in the 1970s and served in the Cabinet between 1988 and 1992.

According to his daughter, Wamuyu Kanyi, the father of eight was recovering from a long ailment when he fell ill again on Wednesday night.

“He has been in good health lately but then yesterday he started coughing and before he was rushed to hospital he passed away,” Ms Wamuyu said.

Waithaka enjoyed a long illustrious career in retired President Moi’s cabinet and in politics.

“He was the mayor of Nyeri from 1974 till 1983 before he went into national politics as MP for Tetu, when it was formed in 1988,” Wamuyu said.


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After he lost his political seat in 1992, Waithaka retired from active politics and stayed away from the limelight, moving to the United States of America where he lived for several years.

In 1997, he came back to the country and attempted to vie for the Tetu parliamentary seat but lost. He faded out of active politics once more.

His two wives, Agnes Gathoni and Ann Nyambura, were unable to speak to the media, but his daughter was full of praise for her father.

“My father was a generous man. He loved to work with the community, which is why he went into politics,” said Wamuyu.

At his rural home in Muthinga village, a few workers were preparing the compound to host mourners. One of them, James Mwangi, who has worked for the family since 1975, said he remembered Waithaka as a quiet man who enjoyed people’s company.

“Waithaka was a good employer, very kind to me and my family throughout the years I have worked for him when he was a mayor and even when he became an MP and minister. It is sad that he is gone,” Mwangi said.


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He added that Waithaka was always willing to help his neighbours when they showed up at his home in need of assistance.

“I have lost not just an employer but also a friend,” he said.

Waithaka’s second wife, Nyambura, is vying for the Tetu parliamentary seat in the August 8 General Election.


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