Ford-Kenya’s Bajaber says he’s ready to work with Awiti to unseat Joho

Speaking at his Nyali residence, Mr Bajaber expressed confidence that they would take power from the current leadership that does not respect nor recognise the contributions of other coalition leaders.

Throwing his weight behind Mr Awiti’s candidacy, Mr Bajaber said that Mombasa, being a cosmopolitan county, requires leaders to work together and unite communities.

Ford-Kenya secretary-general Yasser Bajaber on Saturday said he was ready to work with the Nyali MP Hezron Awiti in his quest to unseat Governor Hassan Joho in next year’s General Election.

Mr Bajaber, who is eyeing the Mombasa senator position, said that his support for the legislator was informed by his desire to see Mombasa flourish.

“On Friday, Mr Awiti invited me to join him when he was meeting with car dealers, mechanics and other businesspeople for a Christmas party where we shared our vision and development agendas for Mombasa people,” he added.

“Cord coalition has not said who should be the governor, senator or woman representative of Mombasa so we should be working together to ensure this county remains a Cord zone,” he added.

Mr Awiti said that new political alliances were shaping up in the county ahead of August General Election, which means that certain leaders will be defeated especially due to their selfish interests.

“As a businessman myself, I can confirm that Mombasa needs a leader who has both business skills and the ability to bring people, most of whom thrive on trade, together,” he said. 

The MP said the combined team of Mr Bajaber and himself was what the county needed to end discrimination and poor leadership.

“If elected, my government will give incentives to the business community to enable them generate more income and create job opportunities for other,” he said. 

He said that since history shows that Mombasa was founded by traders, any agenda to transform it into an all-inclusive county requires the support of all the people living there.

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