Ford Kenya leaders reject proposal to scrap off Nairobi County

A section of Ford Kenya leaders have opposed a Bill by Murang’a Senator Kembi Gitura seeking to expunge Nairobi from the list of counties in Kenya.

The leaders who included Kwanza legislator Ferdinand Wanyonyi said the Bill was part of a plan by the Jubilee administration to take over the control of the city after realizing that they can’t oust the current governor in 2017 polls.

“The Jubilee party is desperately trying all means to do away with the opposition’s control of the capital city since they know they can’t beat us at the ballot,” Mr Wanyonyi said yesterday in Kitale.

Similar sentiments were also shared by nominated Senator Catherine Mukite who said entrusting the county’s leadership in the hands of a Cabinet Secretary was aimed at creating an avenue for corruption by the national government.

“The country has made major strides in the growth of democracy with respect to political representation. The president cannot superimpose a leader to head Nairobi,” argued Senator Mukite.

The Bill, authored by Senate’s Deputy Speaker Kembi Gitura, further seeks to establish Nairobi as the ‘National Capital City’ as opposed to its current status as the county headquarter.

“There shall be a National Capital City known as Nairobi, which shall be the seat of the national government,” reads the proposed law that is set for introduction in the Senate.

The President will be empowered to nominate a Cabinet secretary, with the approval of the National Assembly, to head the city.

The Cabinet secretary will exercise the powers and perform the functions delegated to him or her by the Office by the President.

The city will have constituencies that will elect representatives to the National Assembly, a provision that sounds like a deliberate measure to ensure a majority of lawmakers support the Bill.

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