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Dear Baba,

I would like to join the millions 0f Kenyans who have congratulated you on your win at the Supreme court. Last Friday was the first time I saw you smile in a very long time and I must admit that you’re very beautiful when you smile.

However, I would like to caution you about over celebration for the supreme court ruling will count for nothing if you lose the forth coming re-election. In fact, it may be the most humiliating and embarrassing thing ever to your legacy. President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee team have already hit the road on the campaign trail. This means that you already have some catch up to do.

The fact that the Jubilee party has got the majority in all the other five elective posts suggests that that the odds are against you and your bid to unseat president Kenyatta.

My request to you is that you come up with elaborate strategies to ensure you get that elusive win. The following are some of the issues you should address:


Jubilee’s strategy in this campaign is to woo its followers to come out in large numbers and prove that they won the nullified elections. These might actually work because the people have a point to prove. They used the same strategy in 2013 and we all know what happened. The same cannot be said of your followers. Most of them see no need of going to vote if their victory will be ‘stolen’. You have to come up with a formula to get people to vote. You have to instill hope in these people. Your win hangs around avoiding voter apathy.


Former governors Isaac Rutto and Evans Kidero have already conceded defeat and from the look of things they have secretly sworn allegiance to Jubilee. Rumors have it that Kidero has been promised a plum job by the government. These were very important people in your camp and their exit weakens you. The fact that Kidero was among the chief financiers of your campaigns is not a secret to some of us. You should therefore look for a way to fill the void left by these key men. I should also caution you that more people will be poached from your camp before the next elections. It’s your duty to stop this.


Let’s first admit that the reason why you have the minority in the National Assembly is because of bungled nominations. A case in point is that of Nyali Constituency, where the people’s choice Mohammed Ali was rigged out and you did nothing about it. You have one lesser legislator in parliament after Moha as he is fondly called clinched the sit as an independent. Machakos would be having a NASA governor if your running mate Kalonzo Musyoka would not have forced a candidate on the electorate. NASA would also have clinched the Narok gubernatorial post if it had fielded one candidate. Although it’s late, it’s important that you right these wrongs before the election day. Work with all the election losers from your team because they got followers on their backs. Find a way of motivating them.


Jubilee should be given credit for rolling out a well-oiled campaign. They ensured that all their rallies even in areas perceived as opposition strong holds were well attended. Their rallies were always painted red. Sometimes borrowing winning strategies from your opponents can be a show of intelligence. The major difference between Jubilee and Nasa campaign teams was that Jubilee employed experts while Nasa relied on volunteers. Kindly change this, Use money if possible.

I also believe that IEBC should not conduct a fresh election as it’s constituted. I mean the court found them guilty of electoral malpractice. In a mature democracy, these people would have already resigned. I believe Kenya is among the most mature democracies in Africa, the personnel at the IEBC should resign. But because they won’t resign, just make sure they do not conduct the elections. Just remember that sacking them may not be a solution. Remember, Isaac Hassan? You engineered his sacking, has it worked?

Working with the current IEBC may be a blessing in disguise for you. They have felt the wrath of the people across on all platforms. They have an injured reputation which no one wants to have. These people won’t repeat the same mistakes that put them here in the first place unless they have no conscience left in them. They will also work hard to ensure they reclaim their injured reputation.

Lastly, please guard your votes jealously. Most of us are tired of your cries after every election. We would like you to win and experience a Raila Odinga presidency. What we don’t want is another case at the supreme court.

Good luck in your bid to become president Jakom.


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