Floods warning as heavy rains expected in Kenya’s Coast

The Kenya Meteorological Department has warned of heavy rains that might cause flooding in various parts of the Coast region starting Tuesday.

The rains are expected to last for three days.

The weather advisory stated that from Tuesday, Kwale, Mombasa and parts of Kilifi counties will experience heavy rains of around 30mm and above within 24 hours.

“The rains may start from southern Coast and spread into the northern areas by Wednesday and may continue to Thursday. The rains are likely to cause flooding in low lying areas near the coastline, river lines, areas near dams and other water repositories,” stated an advisory from the Director of Kenya Meteorological Department.


On Wednesday, the rains might spread to Lamu, the coastal parts of Tana River and southern parts of Taita Taveta counties.

According to the advisory, on Wednesday, flooding may worsen in some parts of the region due to water accumulation on the ground from the rains expected on Tuesday.

Residents have been warned against walking in moving water or driving through it.

They were also urged to move to safer grounds until the flooding subsides.


“Flood water may suddenly appear in places where it hasn’t rained heavily and can be deeper and faster than it looks. Users of canoes and small boats should be cautious of the storms and large waves,” warned advisory.

In May, 14 people, among them three children, died following heavy rains. Five died in Kwale and nine in Mombasa.

The advisory was dispatched to the office of the President, Red Cross, county directors of meteorological services of Mombasa, Kilifi, Lamu, Tana River counties, the National Disaster Operations Centre and other disaster management committees.

The Chairman of Mombasa Disaster Committee Nahid Musa said they have taken measures to avert any calamities from the expected rains.

“We are aware and we have received the alert. I urge residents living in flooding areas to be careful,” he told the Nation on phone.

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