Flanagan gets silver medal from 2008 Olympics


US distance runner Shalane Flanagan was celebrating on Monday after finally being awarded her silver medal from the 2008 Olympic Games 10,000 metres following a doping ban against Turkish second-place finisher Elvan Abeylegesse.

The United States Olympic Committee confirmed that Flanagan had been upgraded to silver after a retest of a sample belonging to Ethiopian-born runner Abeylegesse from the 2007 World Championships found traces of banned drugs.

Bronze medallist Flanagan posted a picture of herself on Twitter, kissing her newly acquired silver medal in celebration.

Flanagan said she had declined an offer from USOC to have her silver awarded at a public ceremony.

“Receiving my proper medal and having the record books changed is a dream come true,” Flanagan said.

“I greatly appreciate the USOC’s efforts to host a more formal medal ceremony in my honour, but with my coach and my family, I have decided to forego that option and instead celebrate in private,” she added.

“This news, and receiving my medal, are all that I need to feel incredibly fulfilled and happy. I’m honoured and proud to officially be the 2008 10,000-metre silver medallist.”

Flanagan, 36, has concentrated on the marathon in the years since her 2008 Olympic campaign. She finished sixth in the women’s marathon at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

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