Five things Raila Odinga said during his CNN interview

NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga was interviewed by CNN and spoke about contentious issues affecting elections in Kenya.

The following are the issues he addressed:

1. Hacking of the electoral agency’s system

Raila Odinga pointed out that the election system was hacked. He affirmed that NASA had provided a 52-page print-out from IEBC servers as authentic evidence.

The information, according to Raila, showed the time, duration, codes used and people involved in hacking the system.

He also said that according to whistle blowers within IEBC, the electoral agency was being economical with the truth since it only said that there was a failed attempt to hack its system.

2. Insincerity of election observers


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Raila told the US-based network that despite reports by election observers that the voting process was seamless, they failed to point out the hitches that were observed during transmission of results.

He faulted the former US Secretary of State John Kerry for not highlighting instances of voter fraud experienced, and blamed him for only concentrating on cosmetic aspects such as smooth voting process.

Raila said he was disappointed with the election observers for their insincerity.

3. Transmission of sham results

The NASA leader lauded IEBC officials for the smooth procedure during vote-counting at the polling stations.

However, he critisised the transmission process saying it was problematic leading to confusion.


Women shine in governor race

4. 2007 Post-Election Violence vis-a-vis current security situation

Raila firmly denounced the 2007/2008 post-election violence, warning that there should never be a repeat of what happened.

On the current security and safety situation in the country, Raila told CNN that he had earlier called on his supporters, and all citizens at large to remain calm as NASA finds a solution to the current situation.

5. Peaceful demonstrations

Raila Odinga cautioned security forces against using excessive force that could lead to innocent Kenyans losing their lives.

He emphasised that justice should prevail, adding that peaceful demonstrations are allowed in any democratic state, and Kenya is not an exception.


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