Five cops killed in Garissa after al Shabaab attack police post

Suspected al Shabaab militants killed five police officers in an ambush in Alijize, Garissa county on Tuesday.

Police sources confirmed the incident which comes in the wake of a string of deadly attacks in the region.

The nearly 100 insurgents stole the officers’ weapons and torched their vehicle during the attack on a police post.

A police official who asked not to be named said two officers survived the ambush, although one was shot in the thigh.

Northeastern Regional Police Commander Edward Mwamburi said the officers were attacked 10kms from their post.

KDF troops from Bargoni military camp were called in for reinforcement. The attackers fled and are being pursued,” Mwamburi said.

However, he said the number of casualties could not be established immediately.

Al Shabaab militants have claimed a series of cross-border attacks in recent months.

These include a spate of roadside bombings targeting security forces and a mass beheading in Lamu.

Al Shabaab say the raids are retaliation for Kenyan security forces operating in Somalia.

Kenyan officials, on the other hand, say al Shabaab launched raids long before Kenyan soldiers entered Somalia in 2011.

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