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Is the Fire that Razed down Langata Slums meant to scuttle Raila’s swearing in?

Langata fire
Langata fire

Many political Analysts and pundits alike are giving varied opinions on the cause and the lack of swift response from Nairobi County Fire Brigade or the Neighboring Langata Army barracks to contain the fire that razed down Langata slums.

The fire that started a few minutes after 7:30 Pm and by 10:30 Pm fire Engines from the County had not been seen at the epicenter of the inferno, which has raised several questions whether it was started by an arsonist who  might be  a Jubilee supporter or sympathizer.

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Or it is meant to deter Raila’s supporters from attending the much touted ceremony at the now controversial Uhuru park with several organizers laying claims to be having genuine permits to hold their meetings there but the Opposition are not hearing none of that which might cause a serious confrontation between their supporters and the police and may also spill into different parts of the city.

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Some quarters are blaming a Vocal Member of Parliament from Central Kenya, who they are pointing fingers to have an hand in the suspicious fire which has rendered thousands of Langata slums homeless without any roof to cover their heads and without any help from the County government who they claim only assists Jubilee leaning Administration and supporters.

An irate resident was quoted blaming Governor Sonko for not coming to their aid at their low moments, but when the KDRTV team contacted the Governor’s office no one picked up the phone or returned the calls.

Later one the Governor promised to assist the affected families in due cause after assessing the situation.

Langata Slums is one of the bedrock for Raila’s supporters and wherever he visits the locality he attracts large mases who treat him as their hero and BABA(Father).

Police are yet to conclusively give a brief on what caused the fire and what made the Nairobi County’s fire Engines not to arrive at the scene to fight the inferno which spread like an inferno and also threatened to spread to other estates like Onyonka and Southlands.

Locals fought the fire with bare hands and any weapon they laid their hands on.

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