A Makindu law court in Makueni County yesterday sentenced to a life imprisonment a middle aged man who allegedly chopped off his lover’s limbs.

The sentence which was given by the Principal Magistrate Gerald Mutiso was reached after almost two years of court sessions and according to the evidence by key witnesses the suspect deserved the verdict.

According to the Principal Magistrate, Mr Kivuva received the verdict for permanently disabling her wife and the mother of his three children, Judith Mwendi. “you cut off your lover’s left hand, you cut off her right hand, you cut off her right leg.

She is now unable to walk, she is unable to work…” Mr Mutiso read in the ruling.

According to the 28-year-old Judith Mwendi, her husband and a father of her children, Reuben came home on the fateful day dated 13th December 2015, mutilated his limbs using a machete following a confrontation resulting from a marital problem.

Judith tearfully recalls that if it were not for the neighbors who came to her rescue, the worst could have happened: Losing her life!

Despite the fact that the ruling might not change her life much as she is already disabled permanently, the ruling came as a relief to her and her family. According to Judith she is contented with the ruling and hopes to continue with her life, though in pieces.

Taking his memory back, her troubles began when she discovered that her husband had another wife who he had sired children with.

That was the cause of the confrontation that turned foul leading to Reuben, who was at the time operating a butchery shop, to use a machete against the woman he claimed to love. Mwendi recalls how she saw her limbs dropping one after another after being chopped off by a man she has been referring to her husband.

Judith Mwendi now owns a grocery business in Emali town often relying upon a friend at a neighbouring shop to cater for her customers. Nonetheless she admits that it hasn’t been easy especially for her children. Her case mirrors yet another of Jackline Mwende who suffered the same fate in 2016 after her husband mutilated her limbs for failing to sire children.

Though Mr. Kivuva has 14 days to appeal his case, Mwendi hopes many of such perpetrators will face the full force of the law and perhaps, many victims will be able to curb and speak against such vices.


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