Film board to shut down illegal video outlets

Unlicensed video and film dealers will be shut down after 14 days.

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua warned that dealers who fail to comply with industry laws would be prosecuted and their businesses closed.

Addressing stakeholders at a workshop held in Eldoret over the weekend, Mutua said non-compliance with regulations had led to infiltration of obscene and illegal content.

“These laws are meant to ensure fair competition and counter the circulation of obscene content to vulnerable groups like children. Through licensing and registration of dealers it is easier to track those flouting the regulations and take appropriate measures,” Mutua said.

Mutua said the move would tame copyright infringement by unscrupulous dealers.

His warning followed concerns by North Rift KFCB regional head Emmanuel Mbutu that there was an increase in the number of film makers in the region who had not complied with the Film and Stage Plays Act that requires registration and approval by KFCB.

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