Film board bans Mtwapa bikini party

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has banned the highly publicised bikini party that was to be held Saturday at a hotel in Mtwapa, Kilifi County.

KFCB Regional Coordinator Bonventure Kioko has written a letter to the Mtwapa police station OCS to take against organisers of the party.

According to Mr Kioko, the hotel’s advert has special calls for minors to attend the party.

“The much hyped Bikini party scheduled for today at the nightclub is cancelled. How can you have a party whereby the advertising poster is a picture of a nude lady? It defeats any other interest members of the public are therefore advised to keep off such an event for their safety,” he said.

He said their advert was not approved by the board for exhibition in any medium as required.

“The emerging trend where business people in the entertainment industry are recruiting underage models who end up being exploited in some villas and apartments within Coast region must stop,” he said.

He said the advert on social media affects the moral fabric of the society.

Mr Kioko cautioned parents that during the long holidays, businessmen in the entertainment industry might take advantage of minors by luring them to attend parties where drugs are abused.

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