Fibre optic company restores connection

Information technology infrastructure company Seacom has repaired its undersea fibre optic cable, restoring normal services to its Kenyan corporate customers.

Seacom chief executive Byron Clatterbuck said local clients will now enjoy uninterrupted seamless connections unlike in the past month when some clients reported downtimes and slow connections.

“Even as we have these unplanned outages on a single route, we shall endeavour to continue offering quality services to the East African region. Seacom extends its gratitude to its customers and partners for co-operating during this period,” said Mr Clatterbuck.

Seacom offers end-to-end Internet connectivity as well as cloud-based business solutions, enabling public and private enterprises to offer online educational, financial and entertainment as well as e-government services.

The CEO said reliable and fast connectivity was essential for IT startups and multinationals to launch Kenyan operations on an over the top (OTT) arrangement with Seacom.

Kenya has welcomed the launch of OTT video on demand services, among them premium offerings by Netflix, Showmax and Amazon.

Other services expected soon include digital learning by universities as well as corporate security CCTV surveillance.

Banking conglomerates with operations across Africa also enjoy real-time services where customers transact from any country to their home bank branch.

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