FACTS That Uhuru International Propaganda Company Cannot Erase Regarding Rigged August 8th Elections

By Anwar Sadat

The French firm that supplied IEBC vote transmission system says audit reveals no hacking of August 8th polls..and our gullible Jubilee controlled media calls it “Breaking News”, Jubilee bloggers led by 36 Statehouse bloggers couldn’t sleep, they had stumbled on some serious scientific breakthrough.

Blogger Opiyo almost lost weight while Ms Riungu and Ms Mukami kept ‘cumming’ simultaneously despite the two being conservative middle aged women. Wahome who is on a dry spell got something to keep him draining.

Now, did you expect them (OT-Morpho) to say “yes there was hacking”? That’s suicide. The company will go under. Why are we even talking about hacking or lack of it; FACT is:
1. The supreme court ordered for the IEBC Servers to be scrutinized, IEBC and the French company took us in circles.
2. A Mr Chirchir ACCESSED the servers more than 9000 times. He should be in jail. Remember Chirchir login credentials were provided upon request by Muhati and therefore its not that Chirchir hacked the system but was a presumed as a clean user since the client (IEBC) had requested for his access.

3.Chebukati’s login credentials were used by other multiple UNAUTHORIZED persons from different locations at the same time and used it to manipulate figures.

4. The SCoK ordered for FRESH election within a span of 60 days.


6. Issues pointed out by the Supreme Court have NOT been addressed.

9. There will be NO elections on 17/10/17

Well, OT-MORPHO may be setting itself up for a big shock. Their gamble that we may not have the intellectual capacity to interrogate their systems as it was used in Kenya will hurt them big.

When I look at the excitement of Jubilee minions about this issue, I don’t know what to make of their ignorance: Do they think a European court is some private jet where a Kiambu political socialite will spread her thighs for public viewing; or some grazing fields where ignorant lawyers expose their crooked teeth for cleaning?

Folks, cool down. The music is Just beginning. There are things we want to see; those things IEBC could not provide. Hopefully Morpho will be able to provide it to us as they prove their case.

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