Exposed: Why IEBC Chairman Chebukati May Be Jailled Soon.


By H Omollo

KIEMS kits are designed to record all voters identified biometrically,all voters identified manually or in alphanumeric manner(searching using names or ID numbers , all voters identified by scanning ID cards and all voters identified by manual physical search in the register then filling form .

At 5pm the Presiding Officer enters the details as part of closing process and the same is sent to national tallying centre….

Therefore IEBC hqs have all the data pertaining to those who voted,notwithstanding their mode of identification.

So anything to the contrary being peddled by Chebukati is big fat lie and will definitely send him to jail in due course…

This man is a scam… shame on him, the long knocked lady and the entire charade including their backers in jubilee

What I mean is this;

With ICT, voter turnout is the foundational and simplest measure at any polling station. Voter turnout is simply a record of all identifiable (biometric or otherwise) registered voters that present themselves for the voting exercise. Having in mind that there exists a list of registered voters in/for every station and the identification of these voters is the first step in the voting process.

A collation of this information (poll center turnout) has been made possible and easy through ICT reposits at the national tallying center. This information is real-time and accurate meaning at any stage and time during polling, one can report on voter turnout.

Essentially, one can generate a voter turnout report against registered voters and analyze the same on the go/ real-time.

At close of the polling exercise, however, across different polling stations, the voter turnout becomes immutable (fixed). It can no longer be changed. No new voter is being admitted.

At close of polling, therefore, voter turnout is determined to finality. The national repository will reflect the same by collation with close of voting across all polling stations.

With this background, it becomes puzzling that this easily determinable, irrefutable and immutable index at close of poll (5pm) has been changing hours after polling closure.

It’s even more astounding that this figure seems to be dependant on the tallying process when in real sense it is the only only figure that is easily determined from an existing independent variable that is registered voters in the polled exercise.

IEBC and Chairman Chebukati are on record giving estimated ‘turnout’ figures more than 3 hours after poll closure. Makes one wonder how anyone can estimate a past statistic…. and further wonder how one can estimate a past occurrence? Worse still, makes one question the technological inability of KIEMS to collate and report on the number of voters polling stations admitted across the nation.

To me, this is the most basic and simplest figure that the KIEMS gadgets can provide at whatever stage of the election exercise (morning, 10am, 12pm, 4pm), but most importantly, voter turnout is the very first index that can be established at the very point of closure of the polling exercise.

Yaaaani ROs should be reporting that tumefunga na watu XXX or salasini or kumi…… even before embarking on the individual candidate tallying exercise……

Watu waache kutubeba malenge

☝🏿 As received

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