Exposed: Uhuru Knew of Election Rigging Plot, Reason Why He Asked Raila For Coalition Government

Kenyans will recall that once President Uhuru Kenyatta recieved the election certificate he indicated that he will form an inclusive government. This may have well been a show of magnamity but owing to the vast intelligence available to him, he knew very well the veracity of his certificate was on quicksand.

Uhuru intended to form a coalition government in the hope that this will offer some consolation to the true victor Raila Odinga whose victory had been robbed yet again.

Uhuru has since repeated this claim severally in meetings indicating that the government is big for everyone. Suprisingly and definately with the clients approval Advocate Fred Ngatia in his closing arguements at the supreme court offered a coalition government as a reason on which the elections should be upheld. We therefore must call out the true proponent for NUSU mkate government.

Ladies and gentlemen owing to mounting credibility challanges on the elections and the defeaning silence on part of Jubilee to call out the irregularities and illegalities at IEBC one cannot fail to see that long before we went to elections the Jubilee formation had begun laying stage for a coalition government.

Its therefore a failed plan and a bad strategy for Jubilee to imagine and try to make the future. They have spectaculary failed and we aver that as NASA we have not and will certainly not countenance a nusu mkate. Wakenya waamue

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