Expect more frequent droughts, warns Met


The weatherman has asked Kenyans to brace for tougher times ahead. The drought will continue ravaging the country and might become more frequent in the future.

Kenya Meteorological Department Chairperson Stella Aura said the country is likely to experience increased temperatures by up to four degrees Celsius.

Consequently, she said, the Government should now initiate strategies to mitigate effects of drought for Kenyans to cope up with the changing climatic patterns.

Ms Aura urged Kenyans to adopt a culture of planting trees and drought-resistant crops.

Mary Kilavi, a principal meteorologist, blamed the current drought on the constantly changing weather patterns. She said there are a lot of uncertainties in rainfall patterns in the country.


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Meanwhile, meteorologists from Western Kenya want weather stations to be established in the region.

They said the region only has one weather station that is not fully equipped and that is contributing to inaccuracy in weather forecast.

Kisumu County Renewable Energy Chief Officer Lorna Omuodo said lack of resources in the region is hindering efforts to protect the environment.

“At the moment, we do not get accurate data because we rely on an ill-equipped weather station, even though there should be at least one weather station within a distance of 50km,” said Omuodo.

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