Ex- KDF officer makes a unique request to MPs

A retired soldier wants the National Assembly to have the Kenya Defence Forces review the classification of his conduct on his termination certificate from ‘good’ to ‘very good’.

In the petition transmitted to the House by Speaker Justin Muturi, Benjamin Chelang’a a former corporal in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), said he was unfairly disciplined on the basis of a false accusation, thrown in prison for 42 days and then dismissed from service even after seeking early retirement.

He claimed that this was contrary to the Constitution’s provisions on the rights of workers  and the provisions of the Employment Act.

“The Petitioner therefore prays that the National Assembly examines the legitimacy of the process applied in his dismissal and in the classification of his conduct as ‘Good’ instead of ‘Very Good’ as indicated in the termination of service certificate,” Mr Muturi said.

The Speaker said that although the issues raised by Corporal Chelang’a can be settled at a Court Martial, the Constitution provides that the National Assembly deliberates on and resolves issues of concern to the people.

“It may be well that the grievances of the Petitioner may be resolved without having to result to a Court Martial process,” said Mr Muturi.

The former soldier’s petition will be handled by the Labour and Social Welfare Committee, which Mr Muturi directed to consider and report back on the matter within 60 days as required by the Standing Orders.

Corporal Chelang’a’s petition is likely to offer MPs, and the public at large, a rare glimpse into the internal discipline processes of the KDF as well as measure the extent to which the lawmakers’ powers can go.

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