Everybody Hurts, Bleeds and Eventually Putrefies into Dust – From Whence WE All Came


RE: Everybody Hurts, Bleeds and Eventually Putrefies into Dust – From Whence WE All Came.

My better half recently told me about a former primary school mate he has decided not to engage on FB – if ever – given the individual’s reaction to the murder of Samantha Pendo this past August.

In bae’s view, the former schoolmate was very flippant and callous in how he tried to justify and rationalize the deliberate murder of the six-month old baby, by law enforcement forces that supposedly answer to “a close friend of a friend”.

This is the same heartlessness and lack of compassion demonstrated when security personnel, some dread-locked and oftentimes clothed in civilian attire, brutalized and shot dead protestors including Vihiga High School student Michael Okoth whose only fault, aside from being Luo, was that he was poor – hence home from school due to inadequate tuition fees.

Underscoring the vicious murder of the young man AND the inhumanity of those upon whose orders the young man lost his life is what happened after he, Mike Okoth was shot:

After being shot at close range, the assailant/s used a machete to remove the lodged bullet – ostensibly to stymie the investigations (Student shot dead during Kisumu NASA protests – Capital News Oct. 16, 2017)

So coming full circle, the same flippancy and callousness that was observed when Jubilee-affiliated law enforcement personnel brutalized protesting supporters of the opposition was also observed yesterday when mainly Nasa-rites, cheered and/or justified the deaths of pilot Apollo Malowa and his passengers – 4 males and one female – who were aboard the helicopter that crashed into Lake Nakuru on its way to a Jubilee campaign rally.

The saying “one’s true personality is revealed in moments of tragedy” can be applied to the larger society to wit, the true personality of a disturbingly large number of Kenyans has been fully revealed over the last several months; this as dueling sides vie for the presidency, one side with deadly force.

I am curious to hear someone, a Jubilant, explain away the official silence, indeed jingoism that has followed the violence meted out against the Luo by over-bearing law enforcement personnel.

And before Nasa-rites get smug in their self-righteousness, I would like to hear someone, a Nasarite, break down the back-slapping that followed the tragedy in Lake Nakuru.

Kenyans have degenerated into a heartless soulless polity that has lost its collective humanity and compassion for one another, this even as our president joins a cavalcade of demonstrably disingenuous talking heads to “pray to God for peace and unity”.

The sad, almost Greek tragedian reality in wake of this loss of compassion is that we ALL bleed – and eventually die. Beyond that and depending on the mode of interment – burial or cremation – Luos, Kikuyus, Kalenjins et al eventually decompose back to “earth” or to “ash” finally becoming the “dust” – we ALL originated from!

Powerfully driving this point home is the fact that an alien visiting Kenya for the first time – and watching and listening to the recent public discourse – would never know – that we ALL bleed red.

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