“Even without Raila on the Ballot, Uhuru is the Least Exciting” – Hon Mutungulu


20th October 2017

Dear Mr Uhuru Kenyatta,

I write to you as a fellow Kenyan. I received your letter, dated 19th October 2017, sent piggy ride on Nation newspaper distribution circuit. I have been uneasy of late and I was momentarily elated to read from you. My bliss was short lived, however. I wish I had not read your letter.

See, the only thing we have in common is the claim to the same citizenship of the country called Kenya. I was hopping that you will relate and respond to my fears and feeling as a Kenyan, my aspirations and my sense of belonging. Instead, the motivation of writing to me was very self-serving; You only need my vote. This displays a very arrogant sense of entitlement that makes me cringe.

You claim that you and I are anxious to get to work. I ask, which work? For the past 5 years, more Kenyans have grown poorer, out of work and desolate. If you can break out of the bubble you have lived in since you were born, you will realize that business premises in Nairobi have been turned into cubicles of selling second hand clothes and cheap imports from china. How is that decent work creation?

Mr. Uhuru, you claim that you and I need to join hands and create a prosperous Kenya. My question is, what was the past 5 years for? You spent 5 years denigrating people, shitting on our collective sensitivities and with sheer sadism, told a starving nation “ wameze mate ukila Nyama”

As a young boy in the end of 80’s, I heard my parents talk of the great hunger and their disdain of the Yellow maize, the food aid corn from United states of America. That song was repeated over and over again and lacking Maize flour become a pointer of abject poverty. For the past 5 years, I came face to face with that image of poverty, the image that traumatized my parents. There is nothing to cheer about maize flour subsidy for the people, 50 years after independence.

Mr. Uhuru, I would have loved to give blow by blow rebuttal to your every claim that my life has improved under your stewardship, but I find it painful to relive the hurt of the past 5 years. I will instead finish of by saying this; thank you for asking me to give you my vote. Unfortunately, even without Raila Amolo Odinga on the ballot, you are the option that excites me least . Thank you.

Yours truly,

Kitungulu M.

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