European Union team warns about election-related chaos

EU chief observer Marietje Schaake speaks during the Press conference on the upcoming election in Kenya. [photo by Beverlyne Musili]

The European Union (EU) is warning that the country risks plunging into election-related violence due to the heightened campaigns that appear to be polarising.

The head of the EU Election Observer Mission (EOM), Marietje Schaake, yesterday called on all players to take precautions to forestall violence.

“I would like to say that it is no secret there are concerns about the possible outbreak of violence. This is not inevitable, and it is clear that this would create a situation where everyone loses,” Ms Schaake said.

The EOM chief observer said State agencies bear the greatest responsibility in forestalling chaos.

“There is a responsibility for each and every one to grant each other the right and safety to vote according to his or her conscience,” she said.

The EU warning comes as the country prepares for the August 8 election, with the main competitors trading accusations and allegations.


Governor Munya threatens to withdraw support for Uhuru re-election

The Jubilee administration has accused opposition leaders of seeking to incite communities over land issues while the latter have accused the government side of plotting to rig the polls.

On Sunday night, Raila presidential campaign team member and economist David Ndii claimed that the country would burn “if President Kenyatta is declared victor in a sham election”. [Geoffrey Mosoku] 

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