EU tells IEBC to publish all result forms

EU observers yesterday mounted pressure on the IEBC to publish all poll result forms on its website for disgruntled parties to seek legal redress.

The observers also asked the government to stop intimidating civil society groups and the police to effectively bring order without escalating tensions or using live bullets against protesters unhappy with the presidential results.

Online availability of the Forms 34B for presidential constituency results, as well as the remaining Forms 34A for individual polling station results, allow all stakeholders to examine the accuracy of the announced results and point out any possible anomalies.

“The 34B forms from the 290 constituency tallying centres are critical, as these include a full breakdown of results by polling station and must be published online promptly,” the mission said in a statement.

EU warns the information and statistics will boost confidence through transparency among the stakeholders.

“The EU Election Observers Mission will carefully look at concerns raised and at the judicial petitions processes,” the mission said.

The availability of the results forms at all levels boosts trust by allowing stakeholders to have confidence in IEBC and insight into totals announced.

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