EU mounts pressue on IEBC to post election results online

European Union observers in
Kenya have called on the IEBC to publish all
remaining forms showing vote tallies on its website to ensure
the transparency and accuracy of the process.

“The timing of such information being made public is
critical given petitions relating to the presidential race
must be filed within seven days of results’ announcement,”
the mission said in a statement on Wednesday.

IEBC communication director Andrew Limo said about
2,900 of the 41,000 forms showing results at individual polling
stations were not yet online.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was
re-elected in the August 8 vote but Opposition leader Raila Odinga
has rejected the results saying the election was rigged.

Raila has refused to concede and called for a work boycott on Monday, saying the National Super Alliance will make a major announcement on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, NASA accused the electoral agency of planning to forge forms 34B by delaying to make them available.

Presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot also said he found anomalies in the results.

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