Ethuro calls for cordial Senate-National Assembly relations

The relationship between the Senate and the National Assembly has been difficult to manage, Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro has said.

Mr Ethuro described the two organs as “two necessary elephants”, adding there must be respect between the two of them.

He said the Senate had done its part to comply with the law, adding that it will not allow “another state organ that is required to defend the constitution” to intimidate it.

Mr Ethuro said both the Senate and the National Assembly are required by the constitution to defend it.

“I have a responsibility by virtue of the office to defend the constitution and that constitution has defined the way the two houses must operate.

“But when your elder brother just by virtue of longevities thinks that their parents should not have more children because they are already born that’s a conflict that you cannot arbitrate because all of us qualify to be the children of that particular mother and father known as Kenya,” said Mr Ethuro.

Mr Ethuro said the Senate has a specific mandate and that it has been following the law faithfully.

He added the Senate has reached out the national assembly to create consensus on matters affecting the nation saying “because we believe we have a responsibility to ensure that devolution succeeds.”

“The senate has never got tired. We have never got tired to try to resolve our problems whether it is with the governors. I have always formed a committee between the senators and governors to try to solve a problem,” he said.

He said the supremacy of the constitution according to article 1 was from the sovereign power of the people.

“When the other house does not follow (the constitution) we will say so and we have said so and we will continue saying so until each one of us realizes. It is the constitution that is supreme. It is no longer parliament” he said.

We are just but subject, we are just but officers to implement the power given to us by the people,” he added.

Mr Ethuro was speaking during the second annual Legislative Summit at Pride Inn Hotel in Mombasa.

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