Ephraim Maina tells independents to keep off UhuRuto Nyeri tour

The Jubilee candidate for the Nyeri Senate seat Ephraim Maina has told independent candidates and those from “friendly” political parties to keep off President Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign tour of the county.

President Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto will lead the Jubilee brigade in campaigns in Nyeri Thursday after touring neighbouring Murang’a County on Wednesday.

Mr Maina, who is also the leader of the President’s re-election campaigns in the region, said the gatherings which will start at the Sagana State Lodge will be affairs of his Jubilee Party.

“The President is doing politics for his party and for his candidates because he wants to have majority in both houses of parliament if he wins. Therefore the opposing parties should not interfere,” said Mr Maina.


Speaking at Katheri Primary School in Kieni East after a meeting with local residents, Mr Maina said the presence of independent candidates who resigned from Jubilee after losing in the nominations can lead to chaos.

“They must keep off because President Kenyatta’s political rallies are issues of his Jubilee Party and that must be understood by all other candidates though they are supporting his re-election.

“Their appearance can cause fracas and that is [disrespectful] to the Presidency,” noted Mr Maina.


In Nyeri County the 39 Jubilee Party candidates are facing stiff competition from independent candidates and those from other “friendly” parties ahead of the August elections.

The President is set to drum up support and endorse the Jubilee candidates.

In Murang’a County, there was standoff between Jubilee Party candidates and independents during the President’s tour.

The Jubilee candidates, led by Kiharu MP Irungu Kang’ata who is vying for the Murang’a Senate seat, demanded the ejection of former party members from the Blue Post Hotel where the Head of State was starting his re-election campaign tour.


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