Ensure children’s safety on school buses

I am still in shock after learning about the death of a pupil of St Augustine’s Preparatory School in Mombasa.

The pupil was crushed by the wheels of the school bus he was travelling on with other children after falling through a hole on the floor.

Who in his or her right mind thought that it was a smart idea to cover the gaping hole just above the rear wheels with a PVC carpet?

The school bus driver, the headmistress, some teachers and members of the board of governors knew about the hole but decided to do nothing about the problem.

When owners dispose of their old public service vehicles, they sometimes end up as school buses.

Nowadays, the phrase “school transport available” has become a selling point for educational institutions to get high admissions and more profits.

But at what price? They care less about the safety of their pupils and students.

Cases of unroadworthy and overloaded school buses have previously been reported and fatal accidents have also happened.


Who — between the schools and the government agency in charge of road safety — should be held responsible?

With or without the law, I believe individuals should be mature and responsible enough to care for one another by not engaging in actions that jeopardise the lives of others.

Antony Alex Irungu, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

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