End arbitrary sackings

Some of the governors re-elected after bruising battles in their counties are already behaving badly.

Instead of just outlining what they hope to do better in their second and final five-year terms, they used the podium after being sworn in, to order the sacking of staff they suspect campaigned against them or just did not vote for them.

This apparent revenge mission is needlessly petty. One would have expected the leaders to get down to work first, and, if necessary, fairly review staffing.

The anger with which they have started their new terms is uncalled for.

Indeed, they should be grateful that unlike 25 of their former colleagues, who were rejected at the ballot box, their tenures have been renewed.


The big question is why the rush. Voters showed by rejecting half of the last governors that they were appalled at their dismal performance.

The counties have been characterised by corruption and wastage of public resources. The people expect the governors to turn a new leaf.

As for staffing changes, these must be driven by the need to trim and gain more efficiency and should not be turned into a vendetta against those suspected of having been linked to the governors’ opponents.

Ours is a country that cherishes the rule of law and equal access to economic resources, including jobs.

The elections are now over and justice must prevail in the counties.

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