Enact laws that promote youth empowerment to fight radicalisation – Muturi

The Speaker of the National Assembly has said Members of Parliament must enact laws that prioritise youths to facilitate the fight against radicalisation.

Mr Justin Muturi said Parliament should use its budget oversight role to ensure youth empowerment programmes such as youth cooperatives societies, vocational training, economic empowerment through training on small scale business and creation of youth entrepreneurship funds are prioritized and funded.

Mr Muturi said that radicalisation is the main catalyst of terrorism and that Parliament has the capability to bolster the anti-radicalisation campaign.

He cited some of the laws that are already in place: Prevention of Terrorism Act, the Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Prevention of Organised Crime Act.

The Speaker said that MPs should ensure counter-radicalisation programmes that address risk factors such as inequality, poverty and discrimination are funded.

Aside from radicalisation, Mr Muturi, who was addressing the 62nd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in London, United Kingdom, on Friday, said laws that promote human rights should be fostered.

“MPs should ensure there is a legislative framework to ensure protection of those abandoning extremism and returning home for their rehabilitation and integration to society…,” he said.

He added: “Parliament must ensure that governance, structural and developmental challenges that enable radicalization are prioritized and addressed; and that human rights based, counter-radicalization programmes are adequately resourced.”

Other developmental areas legislators can fortify are as agriculture, education and health, among others.

Countries in the world over have been grappling with the upsurge of terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, Islamic State (IS) and Al-Shabaab who have killed thousands.

In Kenya, some of the major terrorist attacks carried out by Al-Shabaab include the Westgate Mall attack in which 67 died and the attack on Garissa University where 148 students and staff were killed.

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