Embu woman who failed to resurrect buried as family ejects journalists

Pastor Robinson Karumba of Eagle Winners Prophetic Ministry

A woman whose husband camped in a mortuary for close to 10 hours on Wednesday, praying for and prophesying her resurrection was buried on Saturday.

Pastor Robinson Karumba of Eagle Winners Prophetic Ministry made news by camping at Gakwegori Funeral Home in Embu County from 8am to 5pm, praying with the hope that his wife Pollyrose Ng’endo would resurrect four days after her death.

During the burial at Rwika village yesterday, the family ejected journalists, demanding that they leave them to bury their daughter peacefully and not report the proceedings.

The ceremony was temporarily interrupted as the scribes scampered for safety when a horde of young men started approaching menacingly, threatening to forcibly eject the journalists if did not leave the compound.

Karumba’s mother vowed that her daughter-in-law’s death would no longer be fodder for the media.

Clerics who attended the burial consoled Pastor Karumba and lauded the faith that drove him into the bout of prayers that was meant to defy nature and bring his wife back to life.


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The preachers condemned the media for reporting the intended resurrection in a way that they said appeared to mock Christianity, consequently portraying the pastor like a man who had gone crazy. Several speakers at the funeral said all hope was not lost since God answered prayers at His own will and did not have to raise the dead to prove that there was a divine being that had power over life and death.

Hundreds of faithful of Eagle Winners Prophetic Ministry as well as curious villagers thronged the homestead to see whether the family would make a last ditch resurrection attempt or if they would resign to fate and finally lay her to rest.

At the mortuary on Wednesday, Karumba had insisted that his wife was not dead but only resting and would resurrect on the fourth day like the biblical Lazarus.

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