Electric vehicle infrastructure, standards set for next year – Government

The government will roll out infrastructure for electric vehicles and motorcycles before end of this financial year, head of road transport service unit Martin Eshiwani (pictured) has said.

“The ministry is keen on encouraging use of electric motor vehicles and motor cycles in the country due to their numerous benefits to the country,” Eshiwani said in a phone interview with the Star. He said they will first finalise regulatory standards before rolling out the required infrastructure. The Ministry of Transport is already in talks with Kenya Bureau of Standards to develop the regulations

“We are in talks with KEBS to develop standards this financial year, since calculation of duty for vehicles is based on engine carbon copy but electric vehicles do not have one, hence the need to have standards for assessing them,” he said.

Francis Romano, administrator at Knights Energy, a renewable energy service provider, said they imported their first electric car in June last year and have been test driving it to find out the needs required with such cars in the country.

Electric cars are cost effective on maintenance and more affordable compared to other cars using fuel, he said.

“Our plan is to test-drive the cars for the next three years before importing them for use. We have however noted the absence of charging infrastructures as a major challenge in Kenya.” Jimmi Wanjala, an electric motorbike user said the main challenge of having the bike is reliability since most do notstore power for long.


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