Edward Ouko accuses National Assembly of plotting to oust him

Addressing a press conference flanked by his lawyer Otiende Amolo, the Auditor-General read malice in the manner the committee had handled the petition to remove him from office filed by a Nairobi lawyer Emmanuel Mwagambo Mwagonah.

Embattled Auditor-General Edward Ouko has accused Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi and the parliamentary committee for Trade and Finance of furthering a scheme to hound him out of office.

Mr Ouko questioned the manner the committee chaired by Ainamoi MP Benjamin Langat fast tracked a petition seeking his removal from office in a record one day and not the required seven days.

“Overall, and as variously raised during the Proceedings, we are gravely concerned at the conduct of the proceedings which clearly run contrary to the Constitution, the Fair Administrative Action Act and the rules of natural justice. While I had dutifully complied by filing a response complete with annexures and by appearing before the Committee, it is apparent the Committee is committed to find against me at all costs for the additional reasons that the Committee insisted that I must take responsibility as the Accounting Officer for acts of omissions of my entire staff,” Mr Ouko protested.


Asked whether he was aware of any forces after his job, Mr Ouko responded: “I see all this happening and naturally I feel concerned and sometimes wonder who is behind this.”

His lawyer Mr Amolo added: “For anybody who watched the proceedings in Parliament, I think the Speaker has already made up his mind.”

The petitioner Mr Mwagambo wants Mr Ouko removed from office on grounds that he has failed to discharge his duties as spelt out in the constitution by failing to submit audit reports to the President and the National Assembly.

Mr Mwagambo also accuses Mr Ouko of corruption and abuse of office.


Mr Ouko has since gone to court and obtained orders blocking the National Assembly from prosecuting the petition and forwarding its recommendations to the president.

Mr Ouko indicated that he would not attend any parliamentary proceedings on the matter since it was now the subject of a court case.

He however stated that he was ready to re-appear before the committee once the courts dispensed with the case.

Mr Ouko defended his move to seek redress in court over the petition saying he was dissatisfied with the manner in which the committee was prosecuting the petition.

“Clearly from the foregoing, it is apparent that the Committee was hell bent to remove me from the position of the Auditor General at all costs and by whichever means. Against that backdrop, I was bereft with no option but to seek redress from court,” he stated.

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