EACC dismisses letter on Jama bank account probe

A letter on investigations into corrupt deals at Garissa County that is circulating on social media is a forgery, the anti-corruption agency has said.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission spokesman Yasin Amaro said: “The document circulating on social media about clarifications regarding the ongoing investigations on the Governor for Garissa County and purported to be authored by EACC CEO, is nothing but utter lies. It is not from EACC.”

The forgery was purportedly authored by CEO Halakhe Waqo to Governor Nathif Jama.

It threatened, that EACC would sue the Nation newspaper, for quoting the CEO on the investigations, information that Mr Amaro dismissed as fabrication.

The Nation’s story, carried in July 2, said the High Court froze an account investigators say belongs to Mr Jama to allow EACC to scrutinise transactions amounting to Sh5.2 billion over the last four years.

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According to court filings, EACC believes the money, which is held in Mr Jama’s account in Nairobi’s South C branch of the First Community Bank, was fraudulently transferred from the county government of Garissa.

Justice Lydia Achode ordered the account be frozen for six months as investigations continue.

The fake document also claimed the account was not frozen.

Mr Jama has since disputed the corruption claims, saying the account under scrutiny does not belong to him.

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Speaking at Garissa Primary on Sunday, Mr Jama accused the EACC of being exploited by people who do not want to see him re-elected.


In court, the matter will be heard on July 30.

First Community was served with the orders on Friday afternoon through its Wabera Street Branch.

Bank statements obtained by EACC investigators, and which the Nation has seen, indicate a total of 32 deposits amounting to Sh2,442,011,012.06 were made into the account between January 1, 2015 and May 20, last year.

The bank statement accompanying sworn affidavits by anti-corruption investigators further indicates the account had a balance of Sh2.8 billion carried forward from 2014, bringing the total to Sh5.2 billion.

But what stands out, according to the court filings, are six large deposits all from the Garissa County Government totalling Sh2.3 billion.

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On April 21, 2015, the statement indicates, Sh115 million was deposited into the account.

Two months later, on July 24, 2015, another Sh525 million was deposited directly through a Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) transfer, the Central Bank of Kenya’s electronic payment system.

On November 4, the same year, the account was credited with Sh510 million while on March 31, last year the account received another deposit of Sh214 million.

On April 19, 2016 Mr Jama received Sh317 million while on May 5, 2016, multiple deposits were made into the account amounting to Sh622 million — the largest of the six transactions.

This is in addition to 26 other smaller but still significant deposits running into millions of shillings that were made into the account between January 2015 and May 2016.


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