EABL threatens to sue politicians for infringement on its brands


Beer and spirits manufacturer East African Breweries Ltd (EABL) has threatened to sue politicians for infringement on its brands.

The politicians, many of whom are youthful aspirants in the August general election, are said to be branding EABL products with their images, party colours and campaign slogans without the brewer’s consent in a move targeting drinkers.

“We have noted that some aspiring leaders have chosen to associate their campaigns with our brands. However, we would like to clarify that Kenya Breweries Ltd (KBL) has a policy of non-alignment with any political party or ideology,” said EABL Spokesperson David Kimondo in a media communication.

He said the brewer does not condone association of its brands with any political message, individual or political party.

“We urge all candidates and other persons to desist from this act of trademark infringement of our brands,” warned Mr Kimondo. One of the bottles in EABL’s possession, he said, is branded in Jubilee Party colours and symbols. The bottle bears the name of one “Honourable Mwathi,” who is an aspirant for the Ongata Rongai Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat.

“They brand the bottles and take photos, which they circulate on social media.” 


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