Duale says he was part of team that funded Raila’s campaign

Mr Duale has in recent times taken the role of defending the Jubilee administration against Mr Odinga’s onslaught but was angered by the Cord chief’s remarks during the visit to his political backyard.

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has said that he was part of the team that funded Cord chief Raila Odinga’s presidential campaign and helped him gain a foothold in the former North Eastern Province.

Mr Duale rubbished the assertion made by Mr Odinga in Garissa last Thursday that the Majority Leader was picked from obscurity and elders prevailed upon to support his candidature for the then Dujis constituency.

“It was we who funded his campaign to the tune of Sh18 million. I have witnesses and I have (records of) transactions,” Mr Duale said on the sidelines of the meeting of the National Assembly’s leadership in Mombasa.

Mr Duale said the Sh18 million was not inclusive of the cost of food and accommodation for the former Prime Minister and his entourage at Nomad Palace Hotel in Garissa in the course of the campaigns.

He also claimed that Mr Odinga’s wife received bribes in the form of clothes, gold chains and diamonds from women who wanted to be nominated to Parliament on the ODM ticket.


Mr Duale said that contrary to Mr Odinga’s claim that he lifted the Garissa Township MP from obscurity, he was part of the team that joined the ODM party leader and transformed his brand.

“I was instrumental in turning Raila Odinga from a Luo leader to a national leader,” said Mr Duale. “I campaigned for Raila Odinga in 2007 in the mosques, at the pulpit.”

He said this happened with the formation of ODM after the referendum in 2005, and that he was part of the North Eastern Kenya MPs who enabled Mr Odinga fold his Liberal Democratic Party and form a party with a national outlook.

Others who brought in sizeable support for Mr Odinga in his bid for the presidency were William Ruto, Najib Balala, Charity Ngilu and Musalia Mudavadi. All of them would later fall out with Mr Odinga leading up to the 2013 General Election.

Mr Duale was appointed an assistant minister in the coalition government but was sacked along with Mr Ruto after the fall-out within ODM.

“In 2009, I fundamentally disagreed with his retrogressive politics,” Mr Duale said. “If Raila Odinga has been building careers of people, why is he losing people at a very fast rate?”

Mr Duale said the fall-out happened after some within ODM realised that Mr Odinga did not have the interests of the people at heart.

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