Drugs, Al-Shabaab attacks in Lamu County? Not on my watch: Gilbert Kitiyo  

More than 400 special committees have been formed in Lamu County to help police in the war on narcotics.

The committees have also been tasked with preaching peace and cohesion and ensuring stability in the county, which has witnessed many terror attacks.


Speaking in his office on Friday, Lamu County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo said the committees comprise volunteers.

He said members will be trained to help detect drug use and peddling, terrorism and other crimes.

“We have formed 423 peace committees, which are also dealing with the drug menace at location level, and 39 such committees at sub-County level. The members of these committees are directly appointed by the residents in the locations while we only appoint the supervisors,” said Mr Kitiyo.


“We are doing all this because we care about the future of the children of Lamu. Drugs has never done anyone any good. We are putting in all our best efforts and ensuring we eradicate drug dealers. We believe that with concerted efforts and a positive attitude, Lamu can be drug-free.”

Crime in Lamu County has risen because drug users rob, maim and kill to afford their insatiable appetite for drugs, the county commissioner said.

Early this month, the Lamu Security Department launched an intensive crackdown on drug dealers, users and dens. So far, 30 people have been prosecuted.

The seizure of 46 sacks of heroin worth Sh24.9 billion from a boat off the Kenyan coast is set to revive debate on alleged involvement of prominent people in the lucrative narcotics trade.

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